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Dr. Heidi Grappendorf 

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Dr. Brody Ruihley

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Educating Beyond is a sport-based company devoted to expanding knowledge in the ways people individually define beyond. Whether it is beyond the classroom, borders, or personal experience, we seek to advance learning, insights, and competency in the areas of sport and culture.


It is our goal to provide faculty and students transforming learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional study abroad experience. In achieving this, we seek out diverse destinations, venues, experts, and environments that inspire.


Educating Beyond is a company led by a pair of sport management professors with over 20 years of higher education experience, over 70 peer-reviewed publications, 100+ national and international conference presentations, two academic texts, and an extensive amount of international travel.


Educating Beyond, LLC is a registered business in the state of Ohio, U.S.A. and is fully insured. 

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