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Tours outside U.S.A.

Title: Service Learning & Sport in Greece 
Location:  Greece
Dates: Summer 2019
Length: Approximately 10-12 days 
Description: This short-term trip to multiple areas in Greece focuses on learning more about sport organizations, current and ancient venues, and sport administration in the country. In addition to learning about sport, this experience allows for faculty and students to have a service learning opportunity and volunteering in ways that better others' lives.

Trip Highlights:

  • 11-day trip to Athens, Greece 

  • One-day trip to Olympia 

  • Excursion to Santorini

  • Service-learning experiences

  • Ancient facility & monument tours  

  • Sport-based facility & monument tours 

  • Educational experiences and lectures 

  • Athletic sporting contests  

  • Cultural experiences & local exploration

  • Great eating, shopping, & free time

  • And much more!

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