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Tours outside U.S.A.

Title: Women in Sports
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Dates: August 2016 
Length: Approximately 10-12 days 
Description: This short-term trip to Tokyo, Japan will focus on Women in Sport. Often women’s venues, sports, and speakers are overlooked, but not on this trip! With our friends and partners, Juntendo University, home of the Japanese Center for Research on Women in Sport, this trip combines Japanese sport and culture in the amazing Asian city of Tokyo. Participants will visit with Japanese students, scholars, and executives of sport organizations. This will be an educational, informative, and eye-opening exploration of sports in Japan.

Trip Highlights:

  • Visit Juntendo University & the Japanese Center for Research on Women in Sport

  • Visits with the Japan Olympic & Paralympic Committees (Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Games!)

  • Attending a Japanese Women’s Baseball League game

  • Cultural sightseeing of Tokyo

  • A visit to Mt. Fuji

  • Meetings at the Tokyo Marathon Office and MLB Tokyo offices

  • Attending a Japanese Women’s Soccer Match

  • Meeting at the Asics Japan office

  • And much more!

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mt fuji
japanese women's baseball
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